Plume HomePass ®

You’ll be able to see your home Wi-Fi network in action. You can see what devices are connected—and kick off those that shouldn’t be—monitor your speeds, set up guest access, security settings, and more.

HomePass® Adapt

Wi-Fi that does the work for you.

Each Super-Pod, powered by Plume® is a smart Wi-Fi router, working together to ensure your Wi-Fi is just as powerful in the basement as it is in the office. Your Super-Pods will work together to adapt to and balance all your connected devices. Need to download a huge file for work right now? The Super-Pod can free up bandwidth in your office by sending another device to connect to a pod in the den, on the fly, all automatically.

HomePass® Control

Restrict the content your children can access from kid-appropriate to no limits. Set a schedule on when certain devices can get online. Need to put an unruly child in time out? Just pause a user with a touch of a button. Block and approve specific websites based on what’s best for your family. You can do all this through an easy to use app on your smartphone.

HomePass® Guard

Guard your network from possible threats and viruses! We want to keep you, your family, and your devices safe from the many internet related threats going in the world today. Guard will automatically isolate and quarantine your devices if they were to get infected to keep the rest of your network safe and secure!

HomePass® Sense

HomePass Sense can automatically detect motion within your home and alert you when none of your family members are home. You can also set after hours alerts when the kids should be in bed so you can catch them red handed! Another one of the powerful features from Plume!


Households utilizing plume on our network and counting!


Devices connected to our network utilizing plume and growing!

Wi-Fi 6 routers are HERE!

Wi-Fi 6 Routers are here for our GIGABIT customers! We look forward to providing you the best services Lawrenceburg, TN has to offer!